KFS Decal seat covers (pre-shaped), scania brown

€ 10,00


Pre-shaped seat cover sets for Scania & DAF. Available in grey base or brown base as shown & each with optional plain weave pattern head rest or custom white head rest with colour matched logo.

Size of Decal design: 100mm x 60mm + Seat Parts (approx. 3 7/8" x 2 3/8")

Available in 3 options:

- DKFS55DG - DAF GREY Decal Sheet (DAF pre-shaped seat covers - grey).
- DKFS55SB - Scania BROWN Decal Sheet (SCANIA pre-shaped seat covers - brown)
DKFS55SG - Scania GREY Decal Sheet (SCANIA pre-shaped seat covers - grey)